1961 “Big Wheel” MK4 Ferret Armored Scout Car


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Restored in 2016 in the UK. The exterior and interior was blasted and then re sprayed silver interior and NATO Green exterior. Disc brakes on all wheels. Pick head and handle fitted as well as Shovel fitted. Two Jerry cans fitted in front. Water can fitted in rear stowage compartment. All periscopes present plus spare gunner’s and driver’s scope fitted inside their interior stowage boxes. Clansman intercom system fitted with two headsets. Exterior deck locking tool and fluid flywheel tool 1919 replica Browning machine gun fitted in turret

Exterior spotlight fitted to turret. Fitted with 4- 1100 x 20 Run Flat Tires in very good condition. Vehicle starts, runs, stops, and drives as it should. New exterior rear view mirrors. New batteries. New fuel tank. New 1919 Browning tripod fitted on engine deck and its pintle stored inside. Ferret User’s Handbook included. Sold in as is condition.

Price: $34,400

Location: FOB Fort Bragg, California