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  I believe the hull of This PBR-2 was made by Modutech Marine although there is no data/info tags of any kind on the hull nor any serial #. It was a bare hull when we bought it and appeared brand new. We had three other hulls and used the parts from those hulls to complete the new hull. The engines are the original Detroit 6V53N engines from one of the PBRs. The man who sold us the hull the engines came out of owned a Detroit Diesel franchise. The engines were rebuilt there. We had to modify the stringers in the hull to  accommodate the PBR engines. (this is one of the reasons I believe this is a Modutech hull) The Jet pumps are Jacuzzi 14YJ pumps rebuilt from parts of six different pumps out of PBRs. Both the suction pieces and pressure bowls on these pumps are “ni-resist” steel, as opposed to the aluminum parts of early pumps. The steering and forward/reverse “clam shell” are original PBR parts. Many other parts of the pumps were purchased from North American Marine Jet who bought out Jacuzzi.

   All of the pluming, fuel system, sea-water system, armor plate, rear cal .50 mg mount, exhaust system and mufflers, throttle quadrants, instrumentation, canopy frame and canopy (nos) are original PBR parts. The fore deck twin machine gun mount is the correct tub, but is the 20mm cannon version. (we modified some 50s to fit into it) The radar mast and beacon mast were fabricated. New battery and starter cabling has been installed. The rest of the electrical system is about 50% complete. We have a civilian radar dome and screen panel similar to the original military one, which has not been installed or tested. Also, am missing some of the engine exhaust pipe heat blanketing.  

Price: $125,000
Location: Central Indiana