1983 AM General M-931 6x6 Tractor

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1983 AM General M-931 6x6 Tractor
S/N 515803
Fresh out of DRMO

This first series 931 is the most desirable of the 939 series.  It does not have the ABS or the CTIS tire inflation system found in later models which were troublesome and maintenance intensive.  It also features the less costly 1100x20 tires as opposed to the A1 and A2 series tires.  It is equipped with the larger displacement Cummins NHC-250 diesel which is a proven design and much more suited to a truck with this capacity then the 504 cubic inch 8.3 Cummins of the A1 and A2 series.

This particular 931 has spent its entire life at the Marine Corp Base in the high desert of Barstow California running back and forth on the base and received routine service and inspections.  It had only 370 miles on it when I purchased it.  I put an additional 38 miles on it from road testing and maintenance checks.  The current mileage is 388. 

•    All under hood insulation replaced with NOS new in the box
•    4 new mil spec 6TL batteries at a cost of $760
•    8 newer rear 1100x20 NDCC (All tires 90-95% tread)
•    All new seat cushions in cab (driver and passenger)
•    2 new NOS mirror heads
•    New tractor emergency/service hoses
•    Full service with all fluids and filters changed plus chassis lubrication

The truck has never been molested or butchered in a government rebuild program.  It is original to the way it came off the AM Generals assembly line with the exception of the undercoating applied to the underside of the cab, hood, frame and undercarriage by the military while it was in service (this prevented the rust normally found in these trucks) and the following upgrades that were done by an ASE certified master medium/heavy truck technician:

•    Installed rare Cummins/Fleetrite spin-on lube oil filter adapter (no more messy canisters)
•    New Gates brand engine fan and accessory drive belts
•    Mil spec transfer case low-range/reverse lockout kit

The NHC 250 Cummins starts instantly and runs and performs like a new engine (which it is).  The Allison transmission shifts smoothly with no hesitation or slippage.  All components and accessories function as would be expected.  Truck operates on and off road as it should, as does the air shift front axle and brake system.  Rear axles are equipped with full-locking differentials.

The fifth wheel showed no sign of even having been greased or hooked to a trailer when I purchased it.  I have however coupled and uncoupled it to a trailer to verify the jaws and lock function as intended.

I have left all the original DRMO discharge markings, chalk marks and numbers on the unit as it was received from Barstow.  This is so you know you are getting the real deal.  It would take less than a day to paint over the markings to turn this truck into a show piece.

Sale also includes:
•    Complete set of TM’s on CD
•    Ό ton spare tire chain hoist and lifting chain
•    Has current California historical vehicle plates and registration
•    24 volt solargizer battery maintainer

This is probably one of the cleanest 931 tractors you will find and is as close to a “brand new” 1983 AM General as you will ever get.

I strongly encourage potential purchasers to come and inspect this truck for yourself, you will not be disappointed.

View a walk-around and drive off at:

Price:  $20,500
Location: San Diego County, CA