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This is a completely original M1044 HUMVEE, chassis number 013986 just as it returned from Iraq and Kuwait after the first Desert Storm and Panama conflict.  Authentic M1044s in private hands are extremely rare, less than a handful according to HUMVEE experts.  Most of the 1044s were given to local governments when the US forces departed, or were destroyed.  Some of the better units went back to AM GENERAL to be rebuilt into unarmored versions. 

This truck is the supplemental armor version, which has additional armor, and has all the original armored parts that the factory installed.  Originally painted green camo, it was painted with semi removable desert tan paint on the transport ship when it was shipped to Kuwait.  After its return to the US, most of the desert tan paint was removed, but some still evident.   

Wisconsin title, Form 97, and is legal for road use.  The odometer shows 23k original miles.  The gun turret revolves, opens and closes as it should.  The seals on the rear hatch have been replaced.  The right front corner of the hood had some minor damage and the hood has several surface cracks as most do.  The tires look new but have been on the vehicle since purchased in 1992.  I was told they have the run-flat rings in them.  I have never seen another real 1044 for sale anywhere.  Most of the HUMVEES in private hands today are M998 soft top troop carriers that came from Marine or Reserve bases in the US and were released and auctioned off in 1999. 

Currently M998s are being released by various bases, but are not road legal, the Bill of Sale clearly stating “For off road use only.”  As more of these trucks are being sold to private collectors and more people become aware of them the M1044 will become even more collectible. 

This truck runs very well, always starts immediately even after months of inactivity.  A few parts that could not be repaired have been replaced, such as some of the bullet proof side glass, which had “combat wounds” and could not be saved. The original glass is still in the rear left door but shows evidence of being shot.  Both windshields have some delamination between the glass layers but have not been replaced because they are original.  The right windshield still has the Panama sticker on it.  Several of the shields in the engine compartment have been replaced.  It has two new heavy duty nonmilitary batteries, the tool rack below the tailgate, a whip antenna, and will have a correct but nonfunctional winch mounted.

At full price the deactivated 50 caliber machine gun, a wire controlled surface to surface rocket launcher, a replica surface to air missile launcher, ammo boxes, helmets, first aid kit, gas mask, replica M16, camouflage netting, and slave cable, all shown in photos will be included.  

This is a rare opportunity for a serious collector to own an extremely rare and original armored vehicle with combat history that can be driven on the street and can be taken into some serious off road terrain.  While some people think they are ugly, everyone agrees that they are the ultimate BAD ASS TRUCKS!!