M37/42 Radio Truck

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Excellent condition. No rust.  Stored in doors for past several years.  Complete with radios.  No title. Every body part and bracket on this several years back, all body parts were sandblasted and refurbed then.  Installed a NOS tailgate and NOS doors when restoring this. 
Fuel pump was rebuilt and re-installed.   All steel brake lines were replaced, as were the wheel cylinders, there is DOT 5 fluid in master cylinder now.  Fuel tank was refurbed and relined when truck restored. 

Included items:
New vinyl cab top
new vinyl bed cover
end panels for bed
Spare tire and wheel
M42-specific rear step for use with tailgate in UP position
original troop seat pad set of 4
there are two original M42 bed side canvas panels, these are only useful as a pattern
bows for the bed with new wood
brackets and connector bow for cab top
100 amp charging system complete and not installed, truck has the normal 60a now
the correct radio (R-110/GRC) was tested by a trusted former radio operator, he reported the components had never even been opened before he did so to inspect and all in good working order.  He advised this is the complete and correct radio for a Viet-Nam era commander of armor, for battle.
GRA-4 antennae ( it was required for this truck)
Large amount of commo wire on spools including 2 large ones for the spool stand included and several 1/4 mile spools including one NIB, several handles for spools, wires, 6 grounding rod (It is all correct)
large amount of cables, wires and headsets for the radio operators, NOS correct speaker
Military tow bar but I think the ends are for 6x6
correct  and complete spare tire carrier, all parts are original not repro

Price: $4500
Location: Kentucky