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This Gun Truck, ' Rolling Thunder' is a tribute truck to the 3rd Battalion of the 16th U.S. Artillery . The 3/16 was known as the "Rolling Thunder Battalion", both then and now. Today the 3/16 is headquartered at Ft. Carson Co. "Rolling Thunder" is equipped with an M45 quad mount in excellent operating condition, never cut and Looks unused. It is complete with a working generator. The quad presently is sporting four high quality ANM2 anti-aircraft .50 cal. Browning display guns and four tombstone cans. This quad has a pristine sight of the correct specs. "Rolling Thunder" also has two more .50 cal. ANM2 anti-aircraft guns mid-mounted on the sides of the bed mounted forward of the quad. In a front corner of the bed is a 1917 water cooled Browning mg, and in the other front corner is an M60 machine gun. On the ring mount is a mini-gun. All high quality guns were manufactured by Hoosier Hot-Shot except the M60. All 9 guns are made of steel parts and display a parkerized finish which is the standard in military guns. NO paint. The armor on this truck is laser cut quarter inch plate steel. Presently displayed on this gun truck (but not pictured here) is a full armored cab enclosure. Window cut-outs on the cab armor pieces are affixed with one inch bullet proof glass as is the two windows on the sides of the armored bed. The truck is an M35 multi-fuel built in 1968 and is in as close to perfect operating condition as you are likely to find. This low mileage M35 is quite DEPENDABLE and is capable of long road trips. Starts, runs, and drives as you would expect.

Location : Auburn , Ind. 46706