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Nicely redone, excellent running condition, has been stored inside the last sever years. Below is a list of things that have been done and parts that have been replaced or rebuilt.

Serial Data Plate 229229
Ordinance # 2200
Frame/Title 266378
All original armor but radiator louvers cut from halftrack louvers and battery box top. Some armor cut and re-welded. Greek return, full skate rail, new clutch-pressure plate and throw out bearing, new wiring harness, top bows, Canvas top fair condition, Fender mounted mirrors, Radio mast w/MP-48 base, two .30 tripod mounts, pioneer tools, BC-654 radio, FM-41 radio stand w/ straps, original data plate, 900x20 tires on bud wheels, 4 combat rims Michelin run flats, new intake manifold, tow cable, lug wrench, siren (front fender), saw w/ cover, .50 tripod mount, antenna sections MP8-49-53 w. case, M2-.50 gas gun, 30/50 cradle w/shield, M-49 trolley and ammo can mount.

Spares for parts only: Brake booster x 2, Generator core x 2, Starter core, Manifold x 2, Front engine pulley adjuster, Transfer case 1 good 1 broken, Crank shaft pulley, 3 rear seats, take out: clutch, pressure plate, flywheel, motor parts, bell housing, skid plates, oil pan, crank haft.

PRICE: $65,000  Reduced to $58,000