British CVRT FV 103 Spartan APC

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Vehicle is in very good order. Here are details on the vehicle: 
1) Aluminum armor
2) Upgraded with latest TN 15 seven speed semi-auto gearbox
3) Went through British Military dieselization upgrade and had a more efficient new Cummins 200 HP turbo diesel engine installed 
4) 510 hours on engine
5) Replica pair of smoke launchers fitted
6) Last assigned to the British Army 3rd Battalion Yorkshire Regiment
7) Clansman intercom system with two headsets
8) New exterior NATO Green paint
9) Rubber tracks and road wheels are in very good condition
10) Shovel, pick head and handle, and axe fitted
11) Seating for crew of seven
12) Seat cushions and backs in very good condition
13) Spotlight located in commander’s cupola
14) Fire suppression system
15) Direct release from UK Military service (ex reserve)
16) Starts, runs, drives, and stops as it should
17) Dimensions: 16’9” long, 7’4” in height to top of cupola, 7’3” wide, and weighs approx. 9 tons.
18) Vehicle maintenance logbook
19) Functional interior heating system
20) Interior cleaned up with OE padding still in place
21) Army first aid kit fitted on rear door
22) Two part roof hatch opening left and right
23) 24v system
Price: $72,000 FOB
 Fort Bragg, CA