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This is one of the most original M-18s in existence, it is very complete, the engine runs well, has good power, good oil pressure and charges properly. The transmission has no excess slippage and shifts firmly. The steering brakes are solid and responsive. The tracks, suspension, drive sprockets and road wheels are all in good shape. The lights, dash panel and gauges all work. It is a snapshot in time as it has not be restored since it was brought back to the U.S. over 30 years ago, just well maintained and kept inside in a heated and air conditioned building. Comes with one 50 Cal. top mounted machine gun as shown and has the original 76 mm cannon. It used a crew of 5 men, weight 40,000 lbs, length 21' 10" with gun, 17'4" without gun, height 8' 5", width 9' 9" armament 76 mm high velocity gun. Total production 2,507. Built by Buick division of General Motors.

PRICE: $275,000



This light tank was developed for the West German Army and was a minor modification of the Hotchkiss built SPIA. These were used by the Germans from 1958 to 1982. Most all of the SPz 11-2's were equipped with a 20 mm Canon but this particular unit is the culmination of two clone Prototypes using a larger turret and a 76 mm cannon. Weight is 8,200 kg (18,100 lbs.) length 4.51 m, width 2.28 m, height 1.97 m, crew 5. It is in excellent condition in and out and is ready to go. It is powered by a Hotchkiss et Cie 6 Cylinder Gas engine.

PRICE: $29,900 US
LOCATION: Bremerhafen, Germany



This is a nice all original KrKw 2-2 Medical unit, It is in excellent condition in and out and runs great it is ready to drive enjoy and have fun. These were used in cannon platoons of Armored infantry battalions from from 1958 to 1974 and remained in service as reconnaissance vehicles until 1982. It is 4.47 m long, 2.34 m wide, 1.6 high and weighs 6.500 kg. It is powered by a Hotchkiss ( et Cie 6 cylinder Gas engine. )

PRICE: $24,450 US 
LOCATION : Bremerhafen, Germany



It was developed for use as a Swingfire missile system vehicle. Mounted on the roof was a launcher box for five Swingfire missiles. It had a crew of three; aluminum armor; Jaguar gas engine; length 16' width height 7' 5" Weight approx. 9 tons. It mounted a 762mm MG in the commander's cupola; it has been driven and serviced regularly ; is in very good overall condition. The British owner of this vehicle has a close friend in California who is acting as his agent, he will also handle the UK Export License, the ATF form Import Permit ( and is also registered with the ATF as an Importer )  and can also handle shipping arrangements right to the buyers door. So , if you have never purchased anything overseas and are apprehensive, relax we have you covered.

PRICE: $37,200   Plus shipping




1965 MK 2/3 Ferret Armored Scout Car (00 EC 52); 30 cal Browning mount (no MG guns included in sale); full kit; sand channels; voice activated Clansman Intercom system; lay-in windshield; starts, runs, stops, and drives as it should; stored in climate controlled warehouse in the UK; driven and serviced regularly; in overall very good condition; length 12'6"; width 6'2"; height 6'2"; weight approx. 4 tons, Rolls-Royce B60 in line 6 cylinder gas engine. Once again, I will handle the British Export License, ATF Form 6 Import Permit, and arrange shipping to the buyers door.

PRICE: $30,500  Plus shipping



This is a beautifully redone Scorpion Light Tank in excellent condition. The Brits first accepted the Scorpion into service in 1970 and first production was in 1972 with a total of 3,000 being built by Alvis from 1972 to 1981. The WT. was 16,000 lbs. Length 17 ' 5" Width 7' Height 6' 10" and top speed is 50 MPH . Most of them were built using the Jaguar XK 4.2 Litre gas engine and the TN15X cross drive semi-automatic 7 speed transmission. Some later built models used both the Perkins and the Cummins diesel engine.  The Scorpion holds the Guinness world record for the fastest production Tank; Recorded doing 51 mph. at the Qineti vehicle test track, Chertsey, Surrey, on 26 March 2002 . The Scorpion uses the L23A1 76mm main gun ( 3"). Secondary gun, coaxial 7.62 mm L43A1.

 PRICE: $79,500



CZECH OT-64-R-3M 8X8 Radio Command Amphibious APC

This strong engine has only 105 actual hours on it! Specs show operational range of 710 km and top speed of 94 km/h.

All hatches are operational and the turret easily/quickly cranks 360 degrees. Everything is original, though we'd installed modern air filter canister. We've also had all the wheels off, cleaned and honed cylinders, blew out brake lines, etc. I have shop manuals that go with it, that while in Czech, the exploded diagrams are comprehensive and very helpful. Also, has NBC positive air set-up, though filters likely need replacing. Two extendable antennas atop. It weighs 14.5 tons, length is 25', height is 9'5" and width is 8'3" and crew is from 2 to 15. It is even street legal as it's not oversized or overweight.

Here's wiki page on the history and variations of it and some youtubes of its brothers in action...

This is a turn key vehicle, with many military radios included with it, if you want, though currently not installed in it. Includes Russian style helmets with the throat mics and, found behind radio, original Czech military 'hammer & sickle' photo ID of radio operator once assigned to this OT 64. If interested, this OT-64 APC could be sold outright OR I would consider a trade (partially or in full) for military style firearms. This OT-64 is an hour south of Austin, make appointment to inspect it. Note: Radio gear not for sale separately unless vehicle sells first.

PRICE: $60,000.00 or $55,000.00 Without the radio gear. SOLD



This is a good solid Chassis and body sand blasted , primed and ready to begin restoration. The Motor needs rebuilt, but is complete. Major parts missing are the skate rail, radiator and gauges. The brakes should be rebuilt, transmission and transfer should be cleaned checked and seals and gaskets replaced. It has the bumpers, storage boxes and all seats as well as the floors a good set of tires.

PRICE: $29,500.00 or trade for an anti-tank gun



Vehicle Registration Number:  05FF87
Date In Service:   18 July 1972
Chassis Number:   FV13170
This vehicle serviced the British Crown during Operation Banner in Northern Ireland (The Troubles). The vehicle is un-restored, starts, runs, steers and breaks.  Powered by Rolls-Royce B80 8-cylinder, gasoline engine which imparts drive via a fluid coupling, pre-select 5-speed gearbox, transfer box, and bevel drives to each of the six road wheels.  All-round independent wheel suspension of the torsion bar and tube type is incorporated with shock absorbers at front and rear wheel stations.  The steering and braking systems are of the hydraulic, servo-assisted type. Two watertight access doors form the major part of the rear hull.  Small arms ports are located on both sides of the vehicle with one in the rear door.  Escape hatches are located right and left of the drive's seat.  Seating in the rear for nine and one commander's/gunner seat behind the driver's seat which is used in the turret.  
The Saracen is fitted with full Kremlin 2 mesh; wire cage to protect if from attacks from Soviet made RPG- 7 rockets that were provided to the provisional Irish Republican Army (IRA). 
The vehicle upgrades:
   The hull has been up armored with appliqué armor.
   Reverse flow cooling system: air is drawn in from the back of the engine and blown  through the Radiator
   Driver's escape hatch is operated hydraulically 
   Vision blocks for the driver, rear door (frosted need replacement)
   Turret is manually operated with 30 cal cradle, gunner's prism block and protective cover, rear vision block with Driver's seat 30G
Copy of vehicle history from the Tank Museum, Bovington Dorset England is provided.
Included with the vehicle: 
    Intercom system is present without headsets 
    Radio rack was removed (no radios) 
Length  17ft
Wide     8ft 3in 
Height   8ft 6in 
Weight 11 tones 
   Electrical       24v    
   Max range     240 miles         
   Shallow unprepared       3ft 6in 
   Prepared                          6ft 6in 
  Trench crossing               5ft 
  Vertical obstacle max     1ft 6in   
This vehicle is sold AS IS with a bill of sale only.  
This vehicle can be returned to service for local or state law in enforcement with little work.

 PRICE : $ 27,500.00




This vehicle was manufactured in 1964 and rebuilt by REME in 1986 (see data plate). The service records from the museum in Bovington, UK indicate that she served with the BAOR  2nd and 19th Field Artillery Regiments and was struck off charge in 1993. She is equipped with one (not two ) sand trays on the front, a full package of shovel, pick axe, (dead) fire extinguishers and tow chain, two NATO 24v jumper cables, a de-militarized Mk1 .303 Bren gun with one magazine, wooden .303 ammo box, two whip antenna and an installed Clansman intercom with two headsets. You can see from the photo she also has a camo net, sleeping bag, plastic water can  and a paraffin cooker/mess tin set that is an original. The two helmets are later era British ballistic style with desert camo covers. I also have  copies of the original import documents and a bill of sale from the Virginia Museum of  Military Vehicles.

The Ferret Mk 2 uses the Rolls Royce B60 6 cyl. 130 bhp, semi auto. 5F5R, wb 7'6" . 12' 7" X 6' 3" X 6' 2" weight is 9688 Lbs.

PRICE: $24,500  
SOLD 7-10
LOCATION: Brandy Station, Va. 22714




All weaponry on the this GEPARD has been demilitarized and there is no  ammunition on board, also an owner legal document is included  with the tank. This is an absolutely unique piece of equipment as very very  few are in private hands and even today it is considered to be the best canon anti-aircraft tank ever built . This Cheetah is absolutely complete, nothing  is absent up to the navigation arrangement. If you are a  collector of GERMAN ARMOR or anti-aircraft equipment then this needs to be in your collection. This tank was restored matching original appearance  and condition are as new. We are specialist  in German Armored Technology and if you become the owner of  this great piece of equipment you can count on our support.  We also can organize transport  to you and offer a price that includes delivery. For your convenience and security of payment process we have 2 company  branch offices in the USA with the US correspondent.  The Gepard Weighs 47.5 Tons , it is 25ft. 2in.long x 12ft.  2in.wide and 10ft, 10in.High with radar retracted.

PRICE: $590,000 U.S Dollars

 M-47 Patton Tank W/90MM Main Gun
The armored cover over the main gun has been removed but is in the owners possession and comes with the tank.  The main gun is live and  registered with ATF but the gun is un-restored . I can demilitarize the breech or sell it live with an ATF transfer, it is the buyers choice. This is the perfect tank for a very nice static display or restoration project.  It does not have a power pack and this tank needs a full restoration if owner wants a driver. As you can see from the photos it is very complete.

PRICE: $161,250  
SOLD  7-10




This 1942 Half track is a frame off restoration with many new parts. Engine was completely overhauled with a new crankshaft back to standard.
New tracks and rollers, restored instrument cluster, new gas tank, new front tires. New brakes, wheel seals and brake lines. All gear boxes opened
up, inspected and resealed. Front and side armor is New old stock. Has new clutch and only 49 miles on it since restoration.

The box and pedestal that is shown in the front of the Half track right behind the seat is for the Bismark 50 cal propane machine gun, very authentic looking and sounding. The small box to the right of the pedestal with the two hoses coming out houses the two gas
bottles. The Gun goes with the Half track.

Location: TIFTON ,GA.31793




This is a nice example of a BRDM-2.  It is non restored, complete except power pack but the transmission is there. Known as " Combat Reconnaissance/Patrol Vehicle , it is an amphibious armored patrol car used by Russia and the former Soviet Union. It was also known under the designation BTR-40PB, BTR-40P-2 and GAZ41-08. This Vehicle has been exported extensively by Russia, and is still in use in 38 countries. It was intended to replace the BRDM-1,compared to which it had improved Amphibious capabilities and better Armament. It weighs 7 Tons, is 18' 10" Long, 7' 9" Wide and 7' 7" high with a 4 man crew, Driver, Co-Driver, Commander, Gunner.

PRICE: $40,000




This is a nice example of the Russian MT-LB in a troop carrier version , it is restored inside and out and is running and driving and is powered by a 290 HP.V-8 Diesel. It weighs (mt) 11.9  ( Combat Wgt.) length  (m) 6.35, height overall ( m ) 1.87, width overall (m) 2.85, ground pressure (kg/cm 2 ) 0.46 standard track / 028 wide track. It has a small front turret with a 7.62-MM machine gun and seating in the rear for a crew of 10 in addition to it's 2 man crew ( driver and Commander-Gunner).

This is a rare piece of Russian War History ( circa 1970's ) and a good safe APC.

PRICE: $100,000



This is a 100% complete M-48 , Not Running and un-restored but a good solid  Restoration project .Very similar to the M-47 Patton but it has the updated turret with all of the improved controls. the M-48 Weighs 49 Ton ( COMBAT WEIGHT ) It is 30' 6" long, 12 'Wide and 10' 2" high Main Gun is 90 MM. It takes a Crew of 4, Commander, Loader, Gunner and Driver and uses the Continental built AV-1790 Engine.

PRICE: $150,000




Manufacturer: Steyr-Daimler-Deutz AG, Steyr, Oberdonau & Wien (Osterreich)
Production Year: 1944
Engine: Steyr 1500A, 3.5-liter,70-hp, air-cooled, eight-cylinder, gasoline
Length: 14-feet, 2-inches
Width: 5-feet, 10-inches
Height: 5-feet, 2-1/2-inches
Weight: Approximately 3-1/2-tons
Armor: None
Armament: None
Maximum Road Speed: 11-mph
Maximum Payload: 1-1/2-tons
Crew: Two

Very little specific information is known about the RSG tractor. It is believed to be a late war prototype intended to further simplify production of the RSO/03 tractor. RSO is an abbreviation of the German designation: Raupenschlepper-Ost (Tracked tractor-East). Conditions on the Eastern Front, where already poor roads turned to seas of mud during rainy seasons and slush in the spring thaw, dictated the development of the RSO tractor series. The RSO/01, the first production type, entered production in 1941. The simplified RSO/03 replaced the RSO/01 tractor in production starting in 1944. The RSO/03 had a significantly simplified cab with wooden panels that greatly reduced production time and costs. The majority of RSO tractors produced were of the RSO/03 type. The RSOs could carry a load of approximately 1-1/2-tons. Steering was accomplished through upright steering levers connected to hydraulic brakes on the sprockets and idlers - much in the same way as a typical World War II tank. The RSO tractors proved very useful and popular with the German army. They were used extensively by towed artillery units. More than 27,000 RSO tractors were built during WW II. The Vehicle is not currently running and is sold with bill of sale.

PRICE: $55,000.00



This is an unusual vehicle to say the least, for someone who is not a die hard purist that wants something fun to play with and Parade or do reenactments, that is new and dependable, this is it. Built by Professionals in a Commercial shop it has many features you would not enjoy with a 1943 machine. Built using original Government Blueprints found on Ebay, using an original M5-HST bogie and track unit to build on a fully rebuilt International DT 466 Diesel engine was installed mated to a NEW ALLISON transmission. This tank will run faster that anyone wants to drive it. The inside is pretty much a shell but does have a 55MM main gun built by Bismark Guns that fires propane and Oxygen. It is very loud and rocks the Tank when fired. Because the same thickness metal as the original was used to build this machine it weighs 38,000.lbs. Many original M5 Stuart parts were used in construction of this replica as the photos show. So if you are not sure you want to pay 1/4 Million for used original  M5 here is a chance to buy a new one at half price.

PRICE: $125,000.00



I purchased this in California, hauled it back to Georgia and completely disassembled it, including the final drives with one new axle, bearings and brakes. I sent the engine out and it was inspected and repaired as needed with a rebuilt carburetor and new clutch and throw out bearing. New fuel tanks made from aluminum reverse engineered from the original. Has nice chevron RUBBER tracks with three newly recovered bogie wheels. I still have the steel tracks and sprockets for those which will go with it. This tank has been totally refinished in and out in original combat paint and a new white interior.

Looks and runs magnificent.

PRICE: $295,000.00
Location: TIFTON, GA. 31793



This is a completely original M1044 HUMVEE, chassis number 013986 just as it returned from Iraq and Kuwait after the first Desert Storm and Panama conflict.  Authentic M1044s in private hands are extremely rare, less than a handful according to HUMVEE experts.  Most of the 1044s were given to local governments when the US forces departed, or were destroyed.  Some of the better units went back to AM GENERAL to be rebuilt into unarmored versions. 

This truck is the supplemental armor version, which has additional armor, and has all the original armored parts that the factory installed.  Originally painted green camo, it was painted with semi removable desert tan paint on the transport ship when it was shipped to Kuwait.  After its return to the US, most of the desert tan paint was removed, but some still evident.   

Wisconsin title, Form 97, and is legal for road use.  The odometer shows 23k original miles.  The gun turret revolves, opens and closes as it should.  The seals on the rear hatch have been replaced.  The right front corner of the hood had some minor damage and the hood has several surface cracks as most do.  The tires look new but have been on the vehicle since purchased in 1992.  I was told they have the run-flat rings in them.  I have never seen another real 1044 for sale anywhere.  Most of the HUMVEES in private hands today are M998 soft top troop carriers that came from Marine or Reserve bases in the US and were released and auctioned off in 1999. 

Currently M998s are being released by various bases, but are not road legal, the Bill of Sale clearly stating “For off road use only.”  As more of these trucks are being sold to private collectors and more people become aware of them the M1044 will become even more collectible. 

This truck runs very well, always starts immediately even after months of inactivity.  A few parts that could not be repaired have been replaced, such as some of the bullet proof side glass, which had “combat wounds” and could not be saved. The original glass is still in the rear left door but shows evidence of being shot.  Both windshields have some delamination between the glass layers but have not been replaced because they are original.  The right windshield still has the Panama sticker on it.  Several of the shields in the engine compartment have been replaced.  It has two new heavy duty nonmilitary batteries, the tool rack below the tailgate, a whip antenna, and will have a correct but nonfunctional winch mounted.

At full price the deactivated 50 caliber machine gun, a wire controlled surface to surface rocket launcher, a replica surface to air missile launcher, ammo boxes, helmets, first aid kit, gas mask, replica M16, camouflage netting, and slave cable, all shown in photos will be included.  

This is a rare opportunity for a serious collector to own an extremely rare and original armored vehicle with combat history that can be driven on the street and can be taken into some serious off road terrain.  While some people think they are ugly, everyone agrees that they are the ultimate BAD ASS TRUCKS!!

PRICE : $75,000.00

WWII M5 Stuart Tank (Project Vehicle)

This is a good solid Stuart, fairly complete, the only major Items needed to finish are the 2 Cadillac 
engines and both Radiators. It has the gunners basket, gun mount and and several other hard to find 
interior and exterior parts .

Price : $95,000
LOCATION : Santa Barbara , California  93117


M41 Walker Bulldog with 76mm live Gun (registered)

This is a restored, complete and operating walker bulldog tank. later model with upgraded electric motor for turret instead of the old hydraulic system which took up much more room in the turret.

Engine is correct Continental paired with Allison transmission. The engine only has about 8 hours on it and was rebuilt in Italy in late 1970s.

This Bulldog is equipped with a fully functional 76mm main gun. Barrel is untouched, rifling is plentiful and the breech ring as clean as the day it came off the assembly line. The gun has been test fired and live fired multiple times never having a problem and is registered on a form 4 in Connecticut

The tracks and hull-tracks are in excellent condition. The undercarriage works flawlessly and sounds great rolling down the road. The hull has minimal rust and freshly painted by hand brush not sprayed. The interior was also painted with a hand brush.

Has all periscopes and main scope for the 76mm gun. Also includes many accessories such as radio, intercom system (uninstalled), helmets and other interior equipment.

This tank has been stored indoors for the last 10 years during the restoration process and thereafter.

PRICE :$295,000
LOCATION : New Milford, Connecticut 06776


Mark 2 Saladin (FV601) 6X6 APC with 76mm Cannon 

The Saladin FV601 is a six-wheeled armored car built by Alvis and fitted with a 76mm gun and a manual/power-assisted turret system. The Saladin was the armored car of Alvis' FV600 series, using similar suspension and drive train components to the Saracen armored personnel carrier, Stalwart high mobility load carrier and Salamander fire tender. It is named after the warrior Saladin, as Alvis used names beginning with an "S" for the whole range of FV600 vehicles. Used extensively by the British Army, it replaced the AEC Armored Car that had been in service since World War II. 

This particular vehicle is a Mark 2 Saladin. It was used in the British Cyprus military operations in Cyprus as part of the Royal Armored Corps' Cyprus Armored Squadron and retains its Cyprus Desert Camouflage paint scheme (desert tan and black). It has had extensive refurbishments including a new transmission gearbox, a new fuel pump, new welded fuel tanks and new brakes. It is legally registered as an antique truck in the state of Virginia. The breech ring is intact and is registered as an NFA destructive device per the Federal National Firearms Act of 1934. The breech ring is available for separate purchase.

Price: $75,000 with live gun or $69,500 demilled
Location: Amissville, Va. 20106


1944 M7-B1 Priest 105 Howitzer Motor Gun Carriage (Tank Destroyer) 

A perfect full ground up restoration with NOS engine, tracks, bogies, etc.  A true one of a kind very rare tank.  This vehicle is very rare and seldom seen in collections today.  It essentially is an open topped Sherman tank complete with an anti-aircraft 50 cal machine gun.   

The main differences between the early M7's and the M7-B1 were the switch from the M3 Sherman chassis with the R-975 to the M4 Sherman using the Ford GAA V8 engine with 500 horsepower from 1100 Cubic Inches. The primary reason for the change was the ability to go from a 35 to a 65 degree elevation for the 105 Howitzer. The V-8 set lower in the hull allowing lowering the M2-A1 Howitzer to achieve the goal of a 65 degree angle. Some of the low profile was lost but it was agreed that it was worth it.  The 105 had a muzzle velocity of 1,550 feet per second and a range of 7 Miles. The machine gunner's pulpit was also raised accordingly to allow for a clear field of fire for the machine gunner. This particular M7-B1 is in beautiful condition as you can see from the photos and has a completely rebuilt GAA V8 engine.

Price : $400,000
Location : North Central Indiana.

Federal Motors MK44 APC

see more photos at

This is a 1985 Federal Motors (Emergency 1) MK44 Armored Personnel Carrier. It has the following modern luxuries that can't be found in any other armored military vehicle that can be owned in private hands.

* Deutz V8 Air Cooled Diesel Engine *
*Twin Disc 8 speed Automatic Transmission (4 spds. forward & 4 spds. backwards) *
* Air Conditioning *
* Amphibious *

It also has power steering, 2/4 wheel drive, armor plated, large hydraulic winch concealed in the front of the chassis, weapons mount over passengers side windshield, hydraulic lift drivers & passenger front seat to lift you up through the roof hatches so you can reach the weapons mount, front ram w/ 3 attachments for everything from pushing to pulling the
side out of a building.

This vehicle was built by Federal Motors Corp. in 1985, this company was later sold out to Emergency One who still to this day makes emergency vehicles such as fire trucks & emergency airport vehicles. This APC was built on a 5 ton FWD chassis & is titled as such. From the information that we have received there were only (5) of these ever made. Two of them were shipped to Nicaragua without state department approval, one sank in a lake in Florida during testing (another story in itself), this one was sold to someone in CA & is rumored to have been used in some Hollywood movies although we haven't had the time to verify that & who only know where the other one is.

This would make a great SWAT vehicle for a Law Enforcement Agency, a great piece to add to your military vehicle collection or just a cool toy for the guy that has everything. It is fully road legal in all states.

Priced: $74,500
Location: Hurricane, WV 25526


1964 British Alvis Sarasen 6 Wheel APC

Straight 8 Rolls Royce Petrol Engine
Was sandblasted and painted a few years ago
Runs and drives okay
Needs some cosmetic work

PRICE: $28,500  NOW $23,500



This is a very nice and very original M-8 APC with all original equipment and is in excellent running and driving condition and almost all of the as issued accessories .It is equipped with a Good Quality 30 Cal. water cooled Browning Machine Gun  ( DEWAT ) for the top of the turret as shown as well as the 37 MM cannon.

PRICE : $100,000  NOW $85,000
Location: North Central Indiana




This 1943 Kettenkrad has a 4 cylinder Opel motor that runs great and cool, the transmission has been rebuilt, the Transaxle has been gone through with all new seals, some of the smaller parts are repros but overall a very nice Kettenkrad. Underneath the primer on the tub you still see the original Panzer gray and two bullet holes on the right side.


PRICE : $135,000
LOCATION :Forestville CA, 95436



Has recently installed Gov. rebuilt Engine ,  two new Magnetos ,Intercom system 100 percent functional. All new wiring to the slip ring, everything works perfectly. All engine wiring rebuilt and reinstalled back into armored cabling, new turning brakes new oil lines, Complete Tanker Radio set ( not hooked up ) .NOS Driver windshield included .  NOS seats ,Turret hydraulic controls work perfectly both manual and hydraulic electric. Interior has been stripped and painted  in the fighting compartment. All ready racks and storage bins are present.  Little Joe is installed and runs and charges batteries. Optics are all new old stock optics. Breach ring has been de-milled to ATF standards. Has uncut Barrel , New brakes have been installed , tank runs and drives excellent! All pioneer tools included many more details please call for more information. This is a true unmolested - unmodified 1943 Sherman Tank.

PRICE : $310,000
LOCATION : Santa Barbara , Cal.




Now converted to carry 6 persons and their gear in an equipment bay. Twin water jet propulsion. Hull exterior has been sand blasted, primed and painted. Diesel engine, no smoke. Parts available from Tatra Truck in Czech Republic. Always stored or covered. Located in Bowie, Md. 20715. Licensed, titled and tagged. See BRDM article in Military Vehicle Magazine, Oct.2012, issue 156. The OT-65 RKh model has no turret, is accessed by double doors in the top and has an escape hatch on the bottom. PREPPERS, this is your most versatile Armored Vehicle.

PRICE: $34,500 NOW $24,500



Right hand drive , it runs, starts right up , good transmission , good clutch , drives well and has good brakes. These Land rover's were armored for rifle rounds and it also has added supplemental Kevlar armor This vehicle is pretty much rust free , no rust spots or Cancer . It is equipped with a weapons fire port hole , rifle rack and fire suppression system. New MRAP mirrors for better viability have been installed as the original mirrors were in bad shape. Front Armored glass has a couple small cracks at the lower corner . Vehicle is being sold AS IS with bill of sale only. We will help load , store Etc.

PRICE: $19,500


M2 half-track All original uncut armor with MG mounts!

 (French army) rebuilt engine has only 8 hours on it, so naturally it runs like a dream. The original fuel tanks are still in place so we ran the lines to a small auxiliary
 tank to avoid sediment and rust getting into the fuel system. Front tires are brand new, replaced just a few years ago. The Brakes are pretty poor, a few latches here and there have snapped, some light rust. IF your looking for a runner with unmolested original armor, this is your chance to own a fine Halftrack.

PRICE : $42,900
Location : Danbury , Ct.06810



This is a beautifully restored Peacekeeper , the best I have seen in the last 20 years.
This is a total off the frame back to factory type restoration done by a professional
Mechanic / body man . Look closely at all of the Photos and notice the attention to detail.

1985 peacekeeper APC.
body-Cadillac Gage Corp.
Chassis- Dodge truck division-Chrysler
Engine- 360 4 barrel Carb
Axles-1 ton 4x4 with rear no spin posi traction
Armor plate-.250
Bullet resistant glass 2.250
front winch with dual batteries
12 and 24 volt electrical system
military radio with VIC-1 intercom with head sets
AM/FM cassette 
A/C and heat
power steering power disk brakes 
Curb Wgt. (less Cargo & Weapons 8,600 lbs.
Length , 16' 6" , Width 6' 6" , Height 8' 5". (  Height less gun shield is 6' 6" )
Optional armament--All INERT witch includes ,                                                                                           4 ea. m16 rifles, 1 ea. m60 machine gun, 1 ea. law rocket,
1 ea. AT-4 anti tank missile and 12 ea. frag grenades.

Price : $56,000
Location : Wellington , Ky. 40387


1944 Auto Car Personnel Carrier
Per data plate, half track converted to M-16A1 multi gun motor carriage April 1953Manufacturer’s serial # 1586
Ordinance Department serial # 1586

The half track is all original. The armor has never been cut or altered except for the M16A1 current configuration. The half track starts and runs flawlessly and I did replace the brakes and clutch for safety and drivability reasons when originally purchased. Although I was planning on a frame off restoration, the motor runs extremely strong and I drove it in a couple of parades as is. I just have way too many projects to complete and I know I just won’t get to this project and I would like to see someone get this vehicle that has the time to care for it properly and to share it with others. It has been stored in our company shop under a silk parachute for the last five years.

Location: Ashville, Ohio 43103

1941 White Motor Company M3A1 Scout Car
Manufacturer’s serial # 229378
Ordinance Department serial # 2368

Undergone a total frame off restoration. All parts were either replaced with NOS or rebuilt originals. Nothing left undone. Four brand new tires all around. Ten miles on odometer since restoration. All armor and skate rail uncut and original. Includes one skate trolley. This scout car was a European bring back and has never been altered from its original military configuration. Original antennae mast in tact. All new canvas for seats and rail. Also includes original NOS saw mounted within interior compartment. This is truly an all original , beautifully restored vehicle.

Price: $75,000
Location : Ashville , Ohio 43103


1943 Sherman ( Grizzly ) Canadian built M4-A1

This is an all original excellent condition Sherman It had a New R975 engine installed 8 years ago , It runs great everything works and is Serial No. 30 out of the 188 built , Very ,Very complete.

Price : $275,000
Location: Newhall , Cal. 91321  At the advertised price we will deliver the Grizzly to any location in the lower 48 States at no additional charge

Note : There is a full information sheet on the Grizzly at the bottom of this Photo list. Click on the thumbnail photo above left and then scroll down the main Photo page.

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