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M58 Mine Clearing Line Charge, or MICLIC for short, is an anti-mine/anti-IED system which is currently being used by the US Army, and the US Marine Corps. The M58 system comprises of an M200 series trailer, MK155 rocket launcher, the MK22 5-inch rocket, the M1134 electric fuze, and the M58 linear demolition charge. The 5-inch Mk22 rocket is fired from the launcher, which carries the 1,750-lbs linear C4 charge out of its transport box, and over to the target area. Once the rocket, and the charge, have come to rest on the ground, the charge is then manually detonated from the safety of an armored vehicle. MICLICs are used to clear a safe path through minefields, and areas laden with Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs). They have been used defensively, and offensively as well (as seen in one of the videos below where a MICLIC was used to destroy a building). MICLICs are one of the largest "cans of whoop-ass" currently being fielded by both the US Army, and the US Marine Corps. This ingenious systems has been credited in saving thousands of lives over the past 35 years it has been deployed.

This M58 is very unique, and rare, as it is the only complete/restored unit in private hands in the United States. Very few of these units were surplused by the government, and this is one of those few. When the government surplused the unit, it did not come with its M58 charge box, or the MK22 rocket, these had to be found from other sources. It took years of time to find all of the various parts and pieces, then everything was completely restored, which took over 200 man hours of labor. The entire system was completely disassembled, bead blasted, repainted, reassembled, and remarked. The entire electrical system was gone through and rebuilt, as was the hydraulic system for the launch rail and the brakes. Many new parts were purchased, including a brand new set of (4) Titan T-Hawk 900x20 NDT tires. The line charge, the fuze, and the 5-inch rocket are 100% inert and contain no energetic components.

This MICLIC weighs approximately 7000-lbs and has the following dimensions: 14-feet long from the very front of the pintle to the very back of the trailer, 7-feet 9-inches wide from outside of tire to outside of tire, and 6-feet 9-inches tall from the ground to the top of the launch rail (which is the highest point of the trailer).

The price of this beautifully restored is MICLIC would barely cover the cost of the restoration, it is a real bargain.