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List With Us


  • We have a lifetime of experience in the buying/selling of military vehicles.
  • Our sales occur around the world!
  • We have been involved in millions dollars of military vehicles sales.
  • Exposure for your vehicle exceeds all other media outlets.
  • We have had the best variety of items in private hands available to general public — Tanks (all eras and countries), DUKWs, Gamma Goats, FAVS, PBRs, Jeeps (all eras and mfrs), etc…
  • Our website offers something for everyone – From the back yard hobbyist to museum quality items — We’ve represented it all!


Your list-request must include your contact information your name, address, email, phone number and location of the military vehicle/item.

Please use the Contact form below, or simply email your Description & Photos/Videos (as noted below) to laura@armyjeeps.net

We will then approve and take your information to develop a great ad on our website!

Try to paint a word picture of your vehicle, and be sure to include the following:

– Vehicle name, model, & year
– Serial number, MFG number, odometer reading
– Engine type, transmission information, other mechanical details
– Describe interior and general condition of vehicle
– History of vehicle and pertinent information about the manufacturing of it

Submit Pictures
– Use high quality in good lighting (sunlight is best)
– Minimum of 8 pictures are required (16 max)
– Please include the following:

  • All four sides and quarter panel shots
  • Dash & Odometer
  • Interior
  • Engine
  • Details confirming anything unique (i.e. F script)

Submit Video
– If using a Smart/iPhone, please hold steady in horizontal position.
– Video clips should be two minute (2) max length.
– Please include the following:

  • Video of vehicle start up and idling
  • Maneuvering

Please forward all media to laura@armyjeeps.net or via the cloud (and send link to us).


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