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MK10 Chieftan

Very good condition tank that has been well maintained through the years.  Engine is in excellent condition as well as the generator engine.  Gear box works fine.  New steering discs and pads fitted.  Four main engine batteries recently installed.  No oil or exhaust leaks.  Starts quickly and idles beautifully.  Inside of turret is complete (including boiling vessel & loaders seat).  New main distribution board installed.  All charge bins present.  Two 353 radios in place and comms between the commander and driver.  Loader/gunner comms installed but not tested.  All optincs present.  Commander cupola components present and functional as well as gunner’s control switches and buttons.


Featured in British movie “Children of Men.”  It has attended a good number of military shows and supported the Help for Heroes and Armed Forces Day in Great Britain.

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Price $252 000