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OSHKKOSH MK48 Logistic Vehicle System (LVS) Front Power Unit with rear trailer container MK14 flat bed.  Powered by a Detroit Diesel 8V92Ta 8-cylinder, 450-horsepower turbocharged engine driving through four-speed Allison automatic transmission.  When coupled to the Rear Body Unit , the vehicle has 12.5 ton off-road load capacity, and 22.5 ton on-road capacity.  Only 1433 were ordered by Army and delivery began in 1985.

Manufactured 4-2003.  It has 223 miles on it and 114.5 hours.

U.S. sale only.  Purchased from government 7 years ago.  Used in movies, TV, parades and Toys for Tots.

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Founded in 1996, Uhrig Military Vehicle Sales & Appraisals is a MVPA member 120-C

P.O. Box 726, Chillicothe, Ohio 45601
(740) 703-3794

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Price $31 000