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PBR 1972 Uniflite

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This Vietnam era PBR was one of ten originally built by Uniflite in 1972 and was completely rebuilt between 1996 and 1999.

The boat has two 6V53 N  Detroit Diesel engines with under 2000 hours,  a new fuel system, 2 X 82 gallon fuel tanks, and a complete, original MK-56- Mod-0 twin mount, ser. #21.

Converted to propeller drive, this boat is fully Coast Guard compliant, and is now located  in N. Carolina, and has participated in several historical displays with the US. Navy’s Coastal Riverine Forces, Special Boat Unit 20 and Seal Team 10 in the Norfolk, Little Creek, VA area.

This boat is similar to the PBR as seen in the movie “Apocalypse Now”,  and is equipped  with three .50 cal. gas firing MG’s,  one  replica M-60,  one M-16 training rifle, flak jackets, steel helmet’s, the correct working VRC- 49 military radio set ,  as well as a working Raytheon Pathfinder 2600 original model radar set.

Also included is a custom made Road King 24,000 lb. triple axle trailer made  in the original Navy design, with pintle eye for towing, and guide-on’s for centering boat on trailer.

More detailed information about the history of this boat and it’s restoration can be found on  my web site (click here)  with additional videos under the Features tab.

Maker ……. Uniflite

Model …… Patrol Boat, River – PBR

Year …… 1972

Length……31 feet  11 inches

Beam……..11 feet  7 inches

Engines…….220 HP  6V53N  Detroit Diesel,   2 each

Reverse gears….Twin Disc. 502’s

Rated Engine speed……2800 rpm

Speed …… 30 knots

Draft ……….30 inches

Propulsion system….. Inboard, Twin Shafts & Propellers

Weight….13,900 lbs.

Combined weight, boat & trailer….16,920 lbs.

Boat has all new decks and hatches using the latest marine technology products.

Comes with Parts, Ordnance,  Operator and Depot Maintenance manuals and a complete set of original PBR blueprints.

Misc. spare parts including  engine heads, starters and general marine parts.

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